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We want to hear from you. Please tell us in the form below about your appointment at Battle Ground Physical Therapy. Who made it a “wow” experience? How has BGPT helped you in your healing process or therapy goals? What cool tips did you learn?

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Shannon Schram, Therapist and Owner of Battle Ground PT
Shannon Schram, Therapist and Owner of Battle Ground PT


Hear What Others Have Said:

“Amazing treatment and care.  Incredibly professional.  Shannon was a pleasure to work with.  Thanks so much for everything”

“Very nice caring staff”

Been working with both Shannon and Mary Anne for a while now they’ve both been helpful. Today got a back brace and I’m hoping it does it’s job so I can be pain free again without the use of it. Hopefully by my last scheduled appointment on 12/31/2014 I will be done with treatment and be 100% pain free and brace free. Everyone at Bgpt are a pleasure to work with and would recommend friends to this practice. Thanks for all of your help I really appreciate this time around and last time I came here and worked with Tom and Mary Anne.

I found Shannon when I was recovering from my 5th knee surgery.  I saw her first in Salmon Creek, but after I realized she was also the owner of BG PT, I flew out the door to see her in BG.  She is absolutely one of the BEST physical therapists I’ve ever worked with.  She pushed me. She encouraged me. She gave me realistic goals and exercises and held me accountable to those things.  Her depth of knowledge of kinesiology puts her so far above almost any other PT I’ve visited since my first knee surgery 30 years ago.

I chose Battle Ground Physical Therapy for my post-knee replacement therapy, based on the recommendations of both my surgeon and my primary care physician. From the first moment I called them, BGPT was so easy to work with, from scheduling to billing and bringing incredible positive energy and encouragement to my sessions (which were 3 x per week). I was actually excited to go every day and always felt better afterward, with progress achieved each time. They never overbook and I always have the full attention of my therapist, in a very clean and orderly environment with excellent equipment and a wide variety of options for training and working out whatever challenges or concerns may come up during therapy. The owners and employees are incredibly personable and very knowledgeable, with the goal of helping their patients achieve the goals they set for therapy and rehabilitation. I love going there three times per week, and am so motivated by the progress and energy I find there! BGPT is conveniently located located close to our home here in the area, the people are so wonderful I can’t imagine ever leaving there, and I have recovered quickly with their assistance!!! We wouldn’t choose any other place but Battle Ground Physical Therapy now that they have helped me to successfully heal from my knee replacement surgery. We ENTHUSIASTICALLY give our highest recommendation to anyone in need of physical therapy for Battle Ground Physical Therapy in Battle Ground, WA. They are just wonderful, like family, and will help you get amazing results!

I took my Father 97 yrs old here for help with steadiness and balance issues. I was so pleased how Christy and Mary Ann worked with him. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The excersises they gave him helped him tremendously. I appreciate the patience and time they took to explain how and why the excersises were needed and how he would benefit from them. I am so glad I found Battle Ground Physical Therapy. It was great to see my Father make progress and watch him enjoy building his own progress. Thank You again.


I recently had a full knee replacement and used Battle Ground PT as my therapy facility. I cannot say enough about the staff that I dealt with. The therapists are very knowledgeable and explain the importance of taking your therapy seriously. During my sessions, they ran me through a full gauntlet of exercises, pushing me to my limits, but never beyond them. I recently saw my surgeon, who was extremely pleased with my progress. Highly recommend. Note: The interior of this facility may not look as high tech as some, but they have a full range of equipment and a friendly knowledge staff. If you’re willing to put in the work, they will get your mobility back.

I have been to BGPT several times in the past and was always happy with treatment.  This time I was so pleased with the attention to detail and with staff overall.  They were amazing!!  Thank you.

These people really are the benchmark.  No billing or scheduling issues.  Follow their instructions and get well.  If the need arises I will be back.

I was referred to BGPT by Rebound Orthopedics after needed a hip replacement. This has to be the best place in the greater Vancouver area to receive PT. Both Christy and Mary Ann are incredible knowledgeable. I very much enjoy receiving care through both of them and also getting a little push from Christy has helped me recover very nicely from this surgery. I am well on my way to be able to walk without a cane now. Thank you so much for also being very personable during therapy. I will be back for sure if the need arises.


Dana did an excellent job of showing me various exercises to help me recuperate and to strengthen my shoulder from a recent injury.  I appreciate her patience and encouragement.  LM

Dana and MaryAnne are exceptional therapists.  They are both kind and compasstionate and always professional.  Their treatments and the exercise program the developed for me brought significant pain relief and allowed me continued mobility and reduced pain now.   Judy F.


Christy was extremely helpful – very good at explaining what I should do and how to do it.  She is knowledgable and could explain why she chose various exercises.

I’ve seen many physical therapists over the years and Shannon is the best of them all.  

You are truly an amazing physical therapist – every visit has been super insightful and valuable! I marvel at the things you notice and the big and small adjustments you know how to make, that can make such a difference in people like me being able to do what I want to do.   Thanks again and have a great Monday!








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