Patient Information

Battle Ground Physical Therapy, WA

Accepted Insurance Providers:

The following are some of the insurances we accept or for which we are preferred providers:

  • Cigna
  • First Choice Health Network

  • Great West

  • Health Net

  • HMA

  • Managed Healthcare Northwest

  • Medicare/RR Medicare

  • Motor Vehicle Insurances

  • ODS

  • Bridgespan

  •  Blue Cross PPO

  • Providence

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • SAIF

  • Tricare – Triwest

  • Veterans Choice

  • Uniform Medical Plan

  • United Healthcare

  • Worker’s Comp Claims/L&I

*NOTE: This is a partial list of major insurances we accept or for which we are preferred providers. This list changes as we add insurances. Please do not hesitate to call to see if we accept your insurance provider.   We also offer a cash discount for our cash pay patients.

Understanding Insurance Terms:

Co-Insurance: The amount to be paid by the patient, usually expressed in terms of percentage of charges.

Co-Payment: The amount to be paid by the patient, usually expressed in terms of dollars.

Deductible: The portion of medical costs to be paid by an individual or family before insurance benefits begin, usually expressed in dollars.

Denial: Refusal by insurer/insurance to reimburse services that have been rendered; can be for various reasons.

Effective Date: The day/date the insurance plan began.

Eligibility: The process of determining whether a patient qualifies for benefits, based on factors such as enrollment date, pre-existing conditions, valid referrals, etc.

Exclusions: Services that are not covered by a plan.

Member: A term used to describe a person who is enrolled in an insurance plan.

Non-Participating Provider: Any health care provider or organization that does not have a contractual agreement with an insurance company to provide care to eligible patients for a contracted or discounted fee. Patients can receive services from non-participating providers if they have out-of-network benefits as a part of their insurance plan or if they wish to pay cash for the service.

Out-Of-Pocket Maximum: The maximum dollar amount an individual or family will pay their insurance. Once this amount is met, services will be covered at 100%.

Participating Provider: A health care professional or organization that has a contractual agreement with an insurance company to provide care to eligible patients under certain defined conditions and often at a  discounted and/or contracted fees. (Same as ‘in network provider’).

Does insurance cover physical therapy services?

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, workers’ compensation, and private insurers, pay for physical therapy services that are medically necessary and that are provided by or under the direction/supervision of a physical therapist.

What if your physical therapist doesn’t participate in your insurance plan?

Most insurance companies, with the exception of Medicare and many HMOs, allow members to go out-of-network for health care services. Going out of network means that you can choose to see a physical therapist who is not a participating provider with your insurance company. In most cases, the amount paid by the insurance company will be less, and you will be responsible for paying the difference between what the physical therapist charges and what the insurance company pays. Many patients choose to receive services out of network in order to see the physical therapist of their choice.

What if you don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance that covers physical therapy services, you can still receive services from a physical therapist by paying for the services directly. Battle Ground Physical Therapy is proud to announce that we offer a 30% discount for our cash paying patients.

Patient Forms:

If you would like to save time at your first appointment, you may download, print, and complete these forms to bring with you to your first visit.

(Click on the form below to access and print)

Billing Policy

Intake Form

Team Agreement

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Accessibility Rights

Medication List

If you need a doctor’s referral for physical therapy for your insurance you may ask your provider for a referral to wherever you would like to go. If you choose to come to Battle Ground Physical Therapy, we can accept a written order on any form or you may print this prescription form to bring to your doctor to sign.

(Click on the form below to access and print)

Prescription Form

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